Workshops on the Planet Protection Conference 2019


The project sets out to assemble people around the world on 22nd May 2020 to form giant images of endangered plant and animal species. 

Songs about the Climate Crisis

Singing songs to inspire and empower is one method to gather people. That’s why we have to write a lot of good songs about protecting our planet.

Learning vs. Schooling

Shaping the Open Future through the lens of Degrowth – a fundamental transformation of our lives and an extensive cultural change.

Foraging for forest food

Reconnecting with nature by finding and using the products that nature provides us is very satisfying. Learn some tips and tricks in this workshop.

The Fossil Gas Phase-In

This workshop challenges the narrative around gas as a sustainable fuel & suggests a way forward for the movement for energy democracy.

Plastic Pollution in Depth

How does plastic pollution impact fertility rates & biochemistry in living beings and what that does it mean for the balance of life and ecosystems?

Biodynamic Gardening

We will visit Vidarslund which is a biodynamic vegetable farm. We will be shown around the greenhouses and fields by the daily leader Jean. 

Industrial Agriculture Alternatives

Can we support more than 7 billion people on this planet without industrial agriculture? Nanna Clifford will talk about some of the alternatives.

Island Nations & Climate Crisis

How does the climate crisis impact island nations like St Vincent & the Grenadines? Presenting the projects and impact of Richmond Vale Academy.

Cultivate Climate & Community

The 3C project intends to leverage local resources to generate products for home consumption by people who want to bond with others and nature.

Fast Fashion Perils

After a presentation about the “Fast Fashion” industry and an analysis of the damage and degradation it causes, we will discuss what to do about it.

The Benefits of Beekeeping

Humans depend on bees for many different reasons so we need to respect them. Without the bees’ help, many crops would suffer serious consequences.

Garden Farming Introduction

Growing some of your food can be done in a relatively small piece of land. Christiane will share some of her experiences in making it happen,

The Military & the Environment

Even in the absence of war, military establishments consume massive amounts of fossil fuels and have a devastating impact on the environment.

Soap-making the Easy Way

Making your own soap from natural oils and ingredients is not hard to do. One of the benefits is having complete control over the ingredients in the soap bars.

Capitalism, the Great Destroyer

The steady destruction of the planet by our way of life is an ongoing concern. 200 years of capitalism has exploited people as well as nature.