Songs about the Climate Crisis

Type of workshop

Singins songs

Writing songs


Let’s stop before it’s too late We will be divided. We know that each of us in particular must make the difference.
The basic leadership of the world is not being changed. It is the 1% who constantly manage to split us.

They know that there is no more profit to be made if we are to solve the climate crisis. Green capitalists are also capitalists.

What is needed is that people stand together. We need to create a change, there are so many areas that need to be redone in order for this to succeed. For that, we need to have a movement that act and change. Songs are one of the methods of gathering people.

That’s why we have to write a lot of good songs on this issue. Those kinds of songs have not been written in the past because there has not been a situation on earth like the one today.

When & where

Sunday 6 October at 9:00 and at 11:00

Venue: Conference Hall


Martin Larsen

Martin Larsen

Teacher at Roskilde Friskole