This is a page for everyone, who cares.

Health, future, fresh air, drinking water, nutritious food. Create a change, start small. Together we can achieve it.

Made with unconditional belief in humanity during our “ Climate Conference 2018” in Denmark.

Who are we?

We, the initiators of this website are a group of students and teachers who attended the Climate Conference 2018 in Denmark. We share a deep concern about the future of our planet. 

What kind of generation?

There is a pressing need to hear the voice of youth and young people in debates about the future and to offer training to understand and take action towards what is needed to make the future possible.

Hands in the soil

The Nature Class is an example of experienced based learning and study a new animal every month. To remember something you need to get close to the matter at hand.

Planet Protection Conference 2019

"Our planet, our future:
Unite. Transform. Inspire."