Type of workshop

Short introduction followed by discussion  (I started this project because I wanted to galvanise people into caring and trying to change their habits, but can such a project really make people think differently?)


withNature2020 is a project conceived in the Autumn of 2018, as a response to dire news of the extinction crisis.  Humans now dominate the planet to such an extent that we are driving other species to extinction at hundreds of times the naturally occurring rate, inadvertently putting our own survival as a species in peril.

The project sets out to assemble people around the world on 22nd May 2020 (the United Nations Day for Biological Diversity), to form giant images of endangered plant and animal species.   Starting at 14:00 in the easternmost time zone, a wave of images will cross the world, unfolding a panoply of the life we need preserve from east to west throughout the day.

The aim is to engage people with the need to protect the diversity in their local ecosystem, wherever they are, and to create a visually memorable mass event in an effort to convince world leaders that people care about nature.

When & where

Sunday 6 October at 11:00

Venue: STU Classroom


Emma K Thomas

Emma K Thomas


Website: withNature2020